Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial Fund Donation

The word Eitaikyo is a contraction of the more formal term, Ei-tai dok(u)-kyo (永代読経). Ei means eternal. It is composed of the Chinese Characters for a river with many tributaries that flows on and on. Tai means generations. Kyo means sutras or the words of the Buddha. Doku means to read or chant. Thus the meaning of Eitaikyo is to eternally chant the sutras on behalf of our loved ones for generations and generations to come.

The Eitaikyo Perptual Memorial Fund Donation

A special Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial Fund was established to ensure the continuation of the teachings of the Buddha and Nembutsu. It is to be used specifically to purchase items for the altar or for altar replacement and repairs in case of loss, damage or wear and tear. This fund is established through the donations made in memory of deceased members of the family, relative, and friends. This ensures a perpetual service for the deceased even when there is no one left in the family to observe a Buddhist Service. Because the purpose of Eitaikyo is to ensure that a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Service be conducted eternally in memory of a loved one, an initial substantial donation is requested to place a loved one's name in the Eitaikyo Registry. An amount of $500 or more is suggested. However, due to circumstances any amount will be considered. Please consult with the resident minister.

The Eitaikyo Registry

After completing the Eitaikyo form and donating to the Eitaikyo fund, the name of your deceased loved one will be entered into a Special Eitaikyo Registry book. This is a calendar type book listing the deceased names on the day of death. This book is kept in the Temple's altar. Each day, the morning service is dedicated to the names that appear on the page for that particular day. Thus by donating to the Eitaikyo Fund, a sutra will be chanted in memory of your loved one for eternal generations to come. As an expression of appreciation and gratitude for the guidance, leadership and support in the growth of the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple, automatically entered into this Eitaikyo registry will be: 1. Past Ministers and Minister's spouses who served the Temple 2. Past Palo Alto Buddhist Temple Presidents who have served two or more years in office. No donations from the family will be expected in these cases.

The Annual Eitaikyo Service

Every November an Annual Eitaikyo Service will be conducted at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple. This service will be dedicated in special memory to those loved ones newly recorded into the Eitaikyo registry within the past year. Those families will be sent an invitation to this service so that they can o-shoko in memory of their loved one during the service.