Palo Alto Buddhist Temple Senior Organizations

Yuwakai members celebrated July, August and September birthdays
at the Third Quarterly Luncheon on September 9, 2017


Yuwakai is an organization of the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple established in 1975 to support the senior members of the Temple where religious, social and cultural activities are planned. Quarterly luncheons are held recognizing members' birthdays and providing interesting speakers from the Bay Area or other types of entertainment. One of the highlights is the annual Bonenkai (end of year party) which includes a special luncheon and lively entertainment by talented performers. Each year, several field trips are planned, typically these are day trips to interesting sites in the Bay Area, but overnight trips are enjoyed occasionally. Any Palo Alto Buddhist Temple member is welcome to join. The Co-Chairs for 2017 are Midory Uyeda and Cathy Osugi.

Co-Chairs for 2017: Midory Uyeda and Cathy Osugi

Calendar of Events for 2017

First Quarterly Luncheon - February 11th
Second Quarterly Luncheon and service - May 6th
Thunder Valley Casino Trip - May 22nd
Third Quarterly Luncheon and service - September 9th
MIS Presidio Trip - September 14th
Bonenkai - December 9th

Military Intelligence Service (MIS) Trip to San Francisco

On September 14, 2017, Yuwakai members went to the MIS Historic Learning Center located at the Presidio in San Francisco. The docents inspired us as they guided us through various interesting exhibits. One of many highlights of the museum tour was to see the impressive stone Honor Wall which listed inscribed names of all the soldiers that served in the MIS. It was a moving and meaningful experience as our members saw names of their family members on the wall. After the historic and memorable visit to the museum, we enjoyed lunch and shopping at Japantown. Our members had a wonderful day in San Francisco.


In April 1988, Tomonikai held its first weekly session at the Temple, from 10 am to 2 pm.  These senior Temple members meet for religious, social and fun activities every Wednesday.  Every third Wednesday of the month, they enjoy a service in Japanese, followed by a purchased bento box lunch.  On all of the other Wednesdays, special lunches are prepared by the Helping Hands group.  They enjoy playing Mah Jong, Hana, doing puzzles, bingo, reading, chatting with each other and enjoying the many snacks that they bring to share.   Current active leaders are Etsuko Yano, Yoshio and Eunice Yanari, Emi Hamai and Pauline Ogasawara.

Helping Hands Crafts

Helping Hands

This group started making lunches for Tomonikai in October 1999.  Additionally, the crafts group makes scarves, hats, blankets, lovely greeting cards and decorate gift bags for a local charitable group.  They also make many items to sell at the PABT annual Artistry Faire.  Other Helping Hands activities include monthly bingo, line dancing to promote physical exercise and Hana and bridge to provide exercise for the mind.  Helping Hands provides an opportunity for friendship, working together, learning new skills, and having fun.  All Palo Alto Temple members are welcome to join.