Buddhist Women's Association
We endeavor to provide the opportunity to practice Jodo Shinshu Buddhism through shared experiences in genuine fellowship. We endeavor to learn through Buddhist educational activities, to promote personal spiritual growth for the BWA members and the temple community at large. We support the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple and community through activities to enhance the mission of the temple.

Dharma School
The PABT Dharma School provides an environment for children from preschool to high school to listen to and experience the Dharma. With students in 5 levels of class, the PABT Dharma School presents the Jodo Shinshu teachings through age appropriate lessons and activities.

  • See the PABT Dharma School article to the right...
  • Contact the Temple Office for more information on Dharma School
PABT Choir
The adult and children's choir perform at all major religious services and special events both at the temple and externally. An annual choir festival is held at various temples.
Junior Young Buddhist Association (Jr. YBA)
The PABT Jr. YBA is a high school aged youth group. Besides various social activities, the Jr. YBA also provides community service at both the local and Bay District levels. Through attendance at conferences throughout California, the Jr. YBA members are able to connect with other Jodo Shinshu Buddhists their age.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with young buddhists from other temples around the world
  • Contact the Temple Office for a calendar of Jr. YBA conferences for 2014
Yuwakai, a group for seniors, where luncheons and trips are planned. The group is open to all temple members.


Featured GROUP

Dharma School

Dharma School students and families participated in our annual registration. BWA provided lunch afterward. It was a fun event! There was a BINGO game where everyone had to go around getting to know each other and a delicious teriyaki chicken and gyoza lunch. Thank you very much to BWA and in particular to June Matsueda for suggesting, organizing, and realizing the event..