What membership brings:

    An opportunity to increase our understanding of the Dharma - Teachings of the Buddha, to aid in the discovery of the Buddha nature within each of us, and to help us appreciate the importance of the Sangha in our ever-changing day-to-day living;

    A time to practice those thoughts, attitudes, and actions which contribute to a more wholesome existence;

    The warmth that arises as we greet friends, exchange thoughts or simply view the Temple garden; and

    The special feelings that come when we experience the sounds, the voices, the candlelight, the flowers, the incense of the service, and we express our gratitude before Amida's shrine.

    Each member may also

    - attend regular Sunday services

    - participate in the celebration of all major Buddhist holidays

    - participate in discussion groups and study classes

    - join any auxiliary organizations

    - may make use of the library facilities maintained at the Temple; and

    - expect to receive the monthly printed Sangha Guide in the mail

    - join sutra chanting in the Hondo - Main Hall, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

    In return, the Temple thrives only when its members

    - demonstrate a sincere interest in the stated purpose of the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple

    - support the by-laws of the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple

    - attend Sunday services

    - participate in Buddhist holiday activities

    - participate in elections by voting for candidates to fill the necessary positions of the board and various committees

    - devote time and effort to fund raising activities and projects and

    - share financial responsibility by being active in the pledge system

    To all prospective members, we at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple are looking forward to meeting you and we welcome you into our midst at any time!