Living with the Tannisho

The Tannisho is considered to be a classic not only as a concise and valuable text for Jodo Shinshu studies, but also as a literary text. Although not written directly by Shinran, the author of the Tannisho, Yui-en, recounts a number of reflections and recalls some of the conversations he had with Shinran and thus is able to capture the nuances of Shinran’s very profound thought. This is the important purpose of this work as it helps to clarify some of the problematic and divergent issues that became prevalent after Shinran’s death. Although written a few decades after the master’s passing some 750 years ago, this particular text can still provide insights into some of the dilemmas that we face in life today.

Tannisho: A Shin Buddhist Classic, translated by Taitetsu Unno
On Being Evil: An Introduction to the Tannisho by Sachiya Hiro

Class format:
We will spend 30 minutes reading from the texts to familiarize ourselves with the Tannisho, and then read Hiro Sachiya’s very down-to-earth, pragmatic account of how the Tannisho relates to our everyday life. We will discuss some of the doctrinal background and introduction of the Jodo Shinshu teachings and terms to help add meaning and depth. The last half of the sessions will be devoted to questions and, most of all, discussion and comments from the participants.

"Living With the Tannisho pdf"